Aircraft Stripper

RonJohn® paint and adhesive strippers are effective alternatives to dangerous aircraft stripper that contains materials like methylene chloride. Our products are proven safe for use on aircraft metals for corrosion and hydrogen embrittlement. Whether your process requires an aircraft stripper for use in an immersion tank, application by brush, or spray, we have a product for you. Our RonJohn® Aero Strip and RonJohn® Auto Strip are participating in a NESDI (Naval Environmental Sustainability Deployment to Implementation) project that will likely result in a new aircraft stripper specification.

RonJohn® Dip Strip is a powerful aircraft stripper designed for use in a heated immersion tank that has a mineral oil cap to reduce fumes when heated. Heating speeds up the action so if you can immerse your parts this may be the best solution for you. Certified to Air Force specification MIL-PRF-83936C. Conforms to CARB's VOC requirements for a number of applications. Other materials on the QPD for NSN 8010-01-374-4336 have manufacturer's suggested operating temperatures of up to 180°F but, RonJohn® Dip Strip's manufacturer's suggested operating temperature is between 110°F and 130°F which improves worker safety and allows you to save up to 65% of your tank related energy cost. RonJohn® Dip Strip is being used by numerous DoD customers.

RonJohn® Aero Strip is a low VOC, high viscosity gel aircraft stripper that is compliant with the Navy's TT-R-2918A specification for removing coatings from aircraft. Low flammability and great corrosion resistance are key. At only 30% VOC this blend meets CARB's requirements for paint remover for all applications.

RonJohn® Auto Strip is a medium viscosity gel paint stripper specifically designed for effectiveness on tough, highly cross linked aircraft and automotive paint systems. This is the safest, most effective formula we have developed for removing both OEM and aftermarket aircraft and automotive paint systems. This paint stripper is also the best we offer for removing powder coat. It contains no chlorinated solvents but, even at only 69% VOC there are states where it can only be used by businesses with VOC reducing processes. For use in those states, try our RonJohn® Auto Strip LVOC.

RonJohn® Auto Strip LVOC A medium viscosity gel that is our answer for those in California or other states with stricter VOC regulations. At about 50% VOC content, it meets VOC regulations for paint stripper for all 50 states. It takes about 25% longer than RonJohn® Auto Strip but is just as effective. Now you can regain your lost efficiency and not have to worry about violating environmental regulations.

RonJohn® Gel Strip is a high viscosity version of RonJohn® Liquid Strip. It works well on the same types of materials but, its extra thickness keeps it in place on non-horizontal applications. RonJohn® Gel Strip conforms to the original TT-R-2918 Navy Air specification for aircraft stripper and with CARB's VOC requirements for a number of applications due to its low partial vapor pressure.

RonJohn® TK-10 General Purpose is a low VOC solvent for general purpose cleaning and removal of uncured coatings, adhesives, and over spray. With about 20% VOC content it is compliant in all states except certain regions of California where only some AQMD's have exempted one of its components, tertiary butyl acetate. RonJohn® TK-10 General Purpose is great for removal of many water-based adhesives, paint and foam over spray, and uncured materials from equipment.

CCR: 696U1         DUNS: 966993425

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